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Influencing the future?

I’m busy thinking about and planning my talk at the Goethe-Institut Indonesien’s Digital Discourses Science/Fiction conference. As always I find it interesting to stop and consider the what and why of this aspect of my work.

The conference is looking at how future-shaping technologies are changing the way we live, work, and eat. And, I’m talking about whether science fiction can influence / affect / predict the future and my experiences of writing near-future fiction to raise ethical issues in public engagement events with scientists and technologists.

If you want to know a bit more feel free to join me for some pre-event Q&A on twitter (5pm Jakarta time on Monday 24 October).

I’ll be speaking at the conference on Friday 28 October (1pm UK / 7pm Jakarta)]

Utopia Now!

On Tuesday 11 October I’ll be running a creative writing workshop with young people (14 – 18 years old). From this, they will create their own visions of the future and write short stories based around them.

What’s fantastic about this project is that there will be input to the workshop from King’s College London researchers, who will also discuss their visions for the future. And, previous workshops have shown me just how knowledgeable and balanced young people can be about our possible futures.

Utopia Now! In the future, will robots run schools? And will food be grown in labs? Come along to develop your creative writing and story ideas with published Science Fiction writer Stephen Oram and researchers at King’s College London working at the forefront of scientific research. This workshop is for people aged 14 – 18 years old.” [Science Gallery London, Great Maze Pond London SE1 9GU booking required]

5 Minute Monologue in Tower Bridge Engine Rooms

I’m really pleased to have been selected to read at this event in aid of MIND. Tickets are limited so get in early if you fancy it.

This is the second year of A Series of 5 Minute Monologues – with excerpts of live cello – this year at the Tower Bridge engine rooms. Each year a new collection of 5 minute monologues – with live cello interludes – is performed as part of Greenwich Shorts, linked to the timing of the London Marathon. This year the pieces revolve around themes of love and resilience. Join us for the show, drinks and food (all included in your ticket price).”