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We stepped off the train and ran down into the deserted streets. We were searching for conFusion, the club that welcomed everyone.

Boyd paused and studied the map on his phone.

‘We’re lost,’ I said.

‘No we’re not.’

‘Give me it.’

He twisted so I couldn’t reach. ‘It’s this way,’ he said.

In the distance a solitary community policeman stood erect, watching over his absent flock. I felt protected; it was frightening to be outside of our home area.

I caught up with Boyd, but made sure I was a few steps behind; I was annoyed with him. We followed the road under a railway bridge and into the dark. I fell in step and tried to hold his hand.

‘Not here, it’s not safe,’ he said.

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It was dangerous to take a bus, but he had no choice; he was too poor to travel any other way.

He squeezed into the only space he could find. He could taste the body odour hovering around his face. A few people muttered prayers. He messaged Francis, but immediately his phone warned him it was blocked.

He gasped.

Was he now one of those chosen at random, chosen to be transported off the island to reduce the overcrowding?

The bus departed from its scheduled route and the passengers nearest the doors kicked the glass, desperate to resist their fate.


being part of a flash fiction flood…

I love flash fiction – it’s the sort of thing that fills in the cracks of a day and sparks thoughts and ideas to fire off in different directions.

I was really pleased to have a story chosen by FlashFlood who published a new piece every ten minutes for twenty four hours – a true flood.  I’m sure there’s something for everyone among that deluge so why not paddle around and see what you can find.

By the way, there is a connection between the photo and my story…

You can find them here>>