Anthologies and other stuff.

Here’s a selection of places where some of my work appears…

“Chimy and Chris” in VAST published by Orchid’s Lantern
“Alpha42 and the Space Hermits” in Once Upon a Parsec from NewCon Press
“Placodermi Protection” in Far Horizons Magazine
“US” in SYNTH #2: An Anthology of Dark SF
“Origin” in ANGELS: A Divine Microfiction Anthology
Editor – Virtual Futures near-future fiction Vol. 1
“Dormant Status” & “The Mythical Moss” in Fairy Tales and Folkore Re-imagined
“The Downward Spiral of the Disenfanchised Consumer” in Dream City Blues
“Little Modern Miracles” in Wordland 7: Mountebanks (anthology)
“I Want To Be Pure For Him” in England’s Future History
“Error” in Literary Juice Oct 2017 issue (online magazine)
eBook cover
“Eating Robots” in Versions of the Future (3 story anthology from event at Bristol Literature Festival)
“I Am Blue” in SPEC*U*LA*TIVE (online magazine)
“Watching Mysteriously While Waiting Hungrily” in Adverbially Challenged (charity anthology)