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Alitpassage YouTube channel: “Science, Technology and Near Future Fiction with Author Stephen Oram.

Financial Times – “Both Kubrick’s exhibition and Oram’s collection should set the rest of us thinking about science and its possible repercussions.” Chris Nuttall, The Financial Times from an article on how technology and science fiction can feed upon and inspire each other (FT subscribers only).

Alliance of Indie Authors – Inspirational Indie Authors

Interview with TwinsUK deputy director, Claire Steves, on the project that inspired Zygosity Saves the Day (from Biohacked & Begging)

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Where technology meets humanity (Nudge the Future Vol. 2)

“Enter Stephen Oram: With Bradbury’s clear-sightedness and Pangborn’s wit.”
Simon Ings, New Scientist

A powerful new collection of 25 near-future science fiction shorts that explore where our technology may be taking us – for better or for worse.

Where Black Mirror meets real scientists (Nudge the Future Vol. 1)

Robot-driven redundancies, extreme health monitoring, rogue algorithms, fake news, hacked driverless cars….
A powerful collection of 30 near-future science fiction shorts that explore where our technology may be taking us.

New Novel Explores Dark Future Of Social Media

In the near-future, ruthless corporations run Britain, daily life is dictated by algorithms and survival depends on social media popularity. That’s the chilling yet plausible scenario created by author Stephen Oram in his new book Fluence, which is published on June 26th.

Stranger than fiction? A Visit to Bristol Robotics Laboratory

What do slipstream, near-future and climate-fiction authors have in common with the European Human Brain Project and the Bristol Robotics Laboratory? In this case, creating stories to provoke debate between the scientific community and the public as part of the Bristol Lit Fest.

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BBC Radio Bristol (5 June 2017): 1 hour 45 minutes in


Author talk with Richard Lowe, October 2018

Interview with Business Cloud podcast, June 2017

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British Science Fiction Association Focus magazine: Signposts to a post-pandemic future. Winter 2020 [article by Stephen Oram]

British Science Fiction Association Focus magazine: Stop the Dystopia, I Want to Get On. Spring 2020 [article by Stephen Oram]

Fitzrovia News: Future research, open science and the power of storytelling, May 2019 

British Computer Society: The Chartered Institute for IT, October 2017

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