Nudge the Future Vol. 1: Eating Robots and Other Stories

Published: 31 May 2017

The future is bright…or is it?

Step into a high-tech vision of the future with the author of Quantum Confessions and Fluence, Stephen Oram.

Featuring health-monitoring mirrors, tele-empathic romances and limb-repossessing bailiffs, Eating Robots explores the collision of utopian dreams and twisted realities in a world where humanity and technology are becoming ever more intertwined.

Sometimes funny, often unsettling, and always with a word of warning, these thirty sci-fi shorts will stay with you long after you’ve turned the final page.



“Eating Robots is a strong collection that melds together coherently into a near-future dystopian vision that extrapolates upon and slyly comments on trends and tendencies today. Like all good Science Fiction should.” Allen Ashley, British Fantasy Society Short Story Competition judge.


“This collection offers an insightful, often worrying, set of thought experiments on the possible unintended consequences of near future AI.” Alan Winfield, Professor of Robot Ethics.


“As if he has smashed a crystal ball, Oram offers up sharp and dangerous fragments of various potential near futures that explore the possible relationship between humanity and artificial intelligence (AI).” Paul Simon, Morning Star (Full review)


“A fun collection of thought-provoking short stories that hover on the boundary fence between science fiction and science fact. The author is definitely one to watch or, in this case, read!” Justin Richards, British Computer Society – The Chartered Institute for IT (full review).

Provocations: if you want some prompt questions for your book club, debating society, the pub, and so on, there’s a few to get you started here.