All Tomorrow’s Futures – coming soon

I’m very proud of this latest applied science fiction publication from Cybersalon Press – All Tomorrow’s Futures: Fictions That Disrupt.

It’s been a fantastic 2 years of working with speculative authors and top specialists in the fields of police & justice, power & energy, finance & digital money, health & longevity and learning & education.

Together, they discussed, challenged and iterated ideas about possible futures. To bring those discussions on to the page, the authors each wrote a short story and the specialists have commented on the ideas in those stories. This is all topped off by a piece on participatory foresight by Dr Christine Aicardi.

Here’s what people have been saying so far:

“What a wonderful and inspiring alternative to the so-called ‘world-building’ of today’s science fiction industry. Here are some real lessons on how to speculate in ways that may actually open new potentials for human flourishing.” Douglas Rushkoff, Team Human.

“This book offers an essential collaboration between domain experts, writers, and editors, fusing foresight and technological exploration to offer narratives both visionary and eerily plausible.” Dr Helen Marshall, Director, WhatIF Lab, Queensland University.

“The stories and commentaries make us take a long hard look at the world we have ahead of us, knowing that the problems aren’t with AI, climate, money, health, or knowledge. Rather, they come from our relationships with them. The lessons are aplenty, but more importantly, there is hope.” Yen Ooi, 2023 Hugo Awards finalist and Director, London Science Fiction Research Community.

“This clever collection of speculative stories explores the possible futures that await us. Through a series of narratives that weave together technological, ethical and societal futures, we are also gifted great analysis and commentary from experts in their fields. The reader is left with a golden glimpse into the extraordinarily possible futures that lie ahead.” Tracey Fellows, Futurist, Author of ‘The Future Of You’.

If you want to know more, then please drop me a line or head on over to the Cybersalon Press website.

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