Scientists meet sci-fi writers to invent possible futures

On 2 July, the King’s Institute for Artificial Intelligence hosted a panel focused on the methodology behind the new Cybersalon book – All Tomorrow’s Futures: Fictions That Disrupt.

It was totally fascinating and even though I was a co-editor and contributor to the book, I learnt a lot from the discussion.

The full unedited recording of the livestream is available via my YouTube channel.

Contributing academics from King’s College London were joined by the editors of All Tomorrow’s Futures: Fictions That Disrupt, the latest book of foresight from the think-tank Cybersalon.

They discussed the methodology and ideas behind this, ‘thrilling ride through diverse speculative landscapes, mixing the best elements of fun and imaginative story telling with real-life insights from top practitioners.’

Situated in ‘real-life’ between accelerationism and scepticism, this volume of disruptions serves as a thought-provoking look into the potential consequences of scientific progress, technological development and societal evolution.

Panel Chair: Dr Christine Aicardi is a Senior Research Fellow in Science and Technology Studies. She is the Responsible Research & Innovation Lead for the Centres for Doctoral Training in Safe & Trusted AI and in Smart Medical Imaging. Christine is an RSA Fellow.

Dr Elizabeth Black is a Reader in Artificial Intelligence in the Department of Informatics, where she is a member of the Reasoning and Planning research group. She is the Director of the UKRI Centre for Doctoral Training in Safe and Trusted Artificial Intelligence.

Benjamin Greenaway is an Editor of All Tomorrow’s Futures: Fictions That Disrupt.

Stephen Oram is a speculative fiction author and editor of All Tomorrow’s Futures: Fictions That Disrupt. He is an RSA Fellow.

Professor Claire Steves is a Professor of Ageing and Health and the Clinical Director of TwinsUK, King’s College London. She is also a Consultant Geriatrician at Guys and St Thomas’s NHS Foundation Trust.

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