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The Programmable Pound

It’s always a pleasure to write for the British Science Fiction Association’s Focus magazine & it was great to receive the autumn copy today which includes my article on the (possible) programmable pound of the future.

A lot of the thinking came from the 22 Ideas About the Future project with Cybersalon, especially from David Birch, and from reading David Graeber and Mark Carney.

I hope it inspires some great sci-fi, and even some policy pondering about a programmable pound.

Future Imaginaries

Now available on my Youtube channel – the closing “Futures Imaginaries” talk at the Goethe-Institut Indonesien’s Digital Discourses Science/Fiction conference, looking at how future-shaping technologies are changing the way we live, work, and eat.

I talk a bit about the interactive role of stories, and in particular speculative fiction, with future(s), describe a project with King’s College London and a project with Cybersalon, read a short story designed to raise ethical issues with AI predicting future mental health, and then answer audience questions.

Influencing and predicting the future using speculative fiction:

  • What is the role of science fiction in imagining the future?
  • Do science fiction’s predictions affect the future?
  • How can fiction raise ethical issues around the future of technology and society?