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King’s College London Writing Challenge

I am really pleased to be part of this writing challenge for 15 to 18 year olds which starts today on the hot topic of digital twins.

It is being run by King’s College London along with participating schools – CLS, CLSG, City of London Highgate Hill, City of London Shoreditch Park and The City Academy, Hackney.

Looking at the areas of Aviation, Healthcare and the Built Environment, it will take the form of two workshops followed by a short story writing challenge that will be judged by experts, academics and writers.

The first workshop will explore the technologies and their related potential and risks, the second will be a workshop on writing, which will help the participants plan and imagine their story.

When imagining what a future with digital twins might look like, consider this…

“What if an all-seeing, all-knowing machine could connect every dot of data and replicate the world – the flow of planes and of cars, of energy and of people, of healthy cells and of diseased cells? What if that reflection then re-entered through the data dots to alter the world, for better or for worse?” Stephen Oram

The workshop slides, supplementary materials and a 7 day ‘story starter’ are available here.