Future events…


4 July: 18:30 to 21:30 in Soho, London. This month’s theme: ‘Stimulation & Stimulacra’

Imagine the technological developments that will redesign the organs and processes that drive human reproduction. How will the future play with our methods and conceptions of sex, sexuality or gender? Tease us with your stories of permuted propagation, innovative intercourse, superb or screwed-up sexual organs and automated androgyny.

10 July 2017: Science in Public 2017 conference – panel member on “Science and Science Fiction – the role of fiction in imagining the future, understanding public attitudes to technology, and engaging with scientific researchers”

Exhibition continues until Friday 28 July

Only Human: Believing the Strangest Things, Loving the Alien
Thursday 11 May 2017, 7.00pm | Austrian Cultural Forum London


Showcasing alien artefacts, Only Human provides new evidence that we’re not alone! A collaboration of Austrian and British artists and researchers presents extraterrestrial sounds, images, words and objects with a programme of discursive events. In a time in which we are spoon-fed fictions, you are invited to discover the truth.

Featuring work by Olesya Kleymenova (AU), Ernst Miesgang (AU), Lukas Janitsch (AU), Paul Purgas (UK) and Stephen Oram (UK). The exhibition is curated by Laura Prime.