Biohacked & Begging

The future is ours and it’s up for grabs…

Immerse yourself in the future of biohacking and implants, genetic modification, blockchain micro-transactions and futuristic dating-apps with author of Eating Robots, Stephen Oram.

Prodding and poking the possible, Oram starts with another foray into the world of Unified Sentience and ends with virtual reality for babies and biohacked fish.

With sharpness and wit, these sci-fi shorts will grab your imagination and refuse to let go.

“Can humans remain “more than digital, more than flesh” with detachable limbs, multiple ears, implants that can be hacked and nanobots that can be ingested? These thoroughly enjoyable and contestable futures explore the personal and political implications of fleshy and messy encounters with contentious technology and the epidemic of algorithms.” Stelarc, Performance Artist.

“There’s a distinct flavour of literary Martianism to Biohacked & Begging. With the eye of a visitor from an alien planet, Oram sees what few other SF writers see – the perversity of our everyday relationships with new technologies – and thrusts that vision five minutes into the future.” Dan O’Hara, editor of Extreme Metaphors: Selected Interviews with J. G. Ballard, 1967–2008

The more we surround ourselves with technology, the more uncanny our lives become.  Enter Stephen Oram: with Bradbury’s clear-sightedness and Pangborn’s wit, he pulls ways to live out from under modernity’s “cacophony of crap”.” Simon Ings, Arts Editor, New Scientist.

“Both Kubrick’s exhibition and Oram’s collection should set the rest of us thinking about science and its possible repercussions.” Chris Nuttall, The Financial Times

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Illustrations of individual stories by Kim Hutson (@batfacedartgirl)

Biohacked & Begging
Kept Apart
Mr Enhancement
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