Eating Robots – press release




Nudge the Future Vol 1

 By Stephen Oram

 Published 31st May 2017


Robot-driven redundancies, extreme health monitoring, rogue algorithms, fake news, hacked driverless cars.

The future is bright. Isn’t it?

Where Black Mirror meets real scientists

  • A powerful collection of 30 near-future science fiction shorts that explore where our technology may be taking us.
  • By one of the leading lights of British sci-fi tech culture, as 2016 Author in Residence at Virtual Futures Stephen Oram was one of the masterminds behind the new Near-Future Fiction series and continues to be a lead curator. Often collaborating with scientists, the title story, ‘Eating Robots’, came from working with the Human Brain Project and Bristol Robotics Laboratory.
  • Designed to create discussion and debate, these provocative stories take our humanity to its breaking point.
  • Features comments on many of the stories by well-known science academics and experts


Step into a high-tech vision of the future with author of ‘Quantum Confessions’ and ‘Fluence’, Stephen Oram. Featuring health-monitoring mirrors, tele-empathic romances and limb-repossessing bailiffs, ‘Eating Robots’ explores the collision of utopian dreams and twisted realities in a world where humanity and technology are becoming ever more intertwined.

Sometimes funny, often unsettling, and always with a word of warning, these thirty sci-fi shorts will stay with you long after you’ve turned the final page.

Praise for Stephen Oram’s Fluence: “Extraordinarily gifted about a detailed and believable future that may soon be upon us and we must act to stop a pulsating piece of fiction becoming our terrible reality” The Morning Star

About the Author

Stephen Oram writes thought provoking stories that mix science fiction with social comment, mainly in a recognisable near-future. As the Author in Residence at Virtual Futures 2016, once described by ‘The Guardian’ as “the Glastonbury of cyberculture”, Oram was one of the creators of the Near-Future Fictions series. As a teenager he was heavily influenced by the ethos of punk. In his early twenties he embraced the squatter scene and was part of a religious cult, briefly. He did some computer stuff in what became London’s silicon roundabout and is now a civil servant with a gentle attraction to anarchism. He has two published novels, ‘Quantum Confessions’ and ‘Fluence’, and several shorter pieces.

Eating Robots will be available at all good bookshops and online outlets in paperback and ebook. More information can be found about Stephen Oram at