As well as being entertaining these stories are meant to get you thinking and discussing some of the issues they raise.

Here are some questions to get the debate started and you’re more than welcome to send me your own provocations via the contact form below.

General questions
  1. Is there anything in the news currently that makes you think the story could happen?
  2. What current technology do you think could develop into the technology in the story?
  3. In what way do you think society would be different if this story were true?
  4. Who are the winners and who are the losers in the world the story is set in?
  5. What would attract you to the world of the story and what would put you off?

Specific questions


  • What technology do you feel trapped, rather than liberated, by?


  • Are we too focussed on the big apocalyptic concerns about the future when the real danger lies in the mundane everyday things?


  • Is it a good idea for artificial intelligence to learn from observing humans and how they behave?


  • Do you feel sorry for Christopher or for those he put out of work?

Send me the question you’d like to add to this list via the form below