PHCL“Chapter one…” – local authors and library volunteers pose for an article in the Camden New Journal to celebrate the National Libraries Day at Primrose Hill Library (it’s fairly obvious which one is Stephen).




National Libraries Day – at Primrose Hill Library on Saturday 7 February Stephen read from his debut novel Quantum Confessions, talked about the inspiration behind his work and answered questions on a variety of topics such as anarchy, being an author and the ultimate observer.


On the 20 December Stephen took part in a ‘blog hop‘ with 25 other authors. You can still check out: a festival of enhancement; a bible on a chain that might lead to heretical beliefs; discharge of a king’s obligations; servants’ kissing balls, secular and sacred hunting; Christ and the apostles in a pudding; 21st century Romans; and much much more…


bvw3_zpsa2ed6660[1]Review by BookViral – 25 October: a review that would make any author proud. “[…] By any stretch of the imagination, Quantum Confessions is an excellent debut and one that demands your attention. Hopefully the first of many releases from Oram, it is recommended without reservation!” (full review)



Book launch – 13 September: a celebration, a book signing, a reading and £40 collected for the MacMillan Nurses. All in all, a good day. (photos)


Article Fitzrovia News Autumn 2014Article in Fitzrovia News 2 September: “Punk, squatter, cult member, techie, anarchist, author.” (Full article)



0019553-1_adWho decides what is true? – 25 August: Stephen spoke to a full tent of 250 people at the Greenbelt Festival… “Some of us believe that every point-of-view is valid and we should live and let live. Some of us believe there are concrete truths on which everyone should base their world-view, whether that’s in science, atheism or religion. Both extremes are dangerous and most of us are somewhere in between. How do we decide where to sit on that continuum and what are the consequences of our choice?” (purchase talk from festival)

Local lad returns to speak at festival 24 August: Stephen returns to his home town and is interviewed by Martin Heath for BBC Radio Northampton.

Quantum Confessions published 1 August: Stephen’s debut novel is published by SilverWood Books.