Reviews for Fluence


“Disturbing Vision Of Bourgeois Diktat: Extraordinarily gifted, detailed and believable […] The world of Fluence may soon be upon us and we must act to stop a pulsating piece of fiction becoming our terrible reality.” The Morning Star

A fast-paced and eerily visual read. “Oram offers a glimpse into a Dystopian London where social media use moves from mild addiction to a visceral quest for survival, where commodification of experience and shallow responses sound warning bells for our species’ continuance. Current debate about benefits and who’s entitled to support reach bitter depths . Fluence’s mix of characters tumble today’s class system and focus on appearance into a rat race where empathy is rare and no-one knows who is friend or foe, even within their own family. A fast-paced and eerily visual read.” Celia Wade-Brown, Mayor of Wellington NZ

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“Edgy, unnerving and well-plotted” Little Bookness Lane

A web of mystery, blackmail, and anarchy” BrizzleLass

“A fast paced read that fully immerses you in this status obsessed future.” Kayti Nika Raet

“Not your Typical Dystopian Novel” MissCassieRose

“A very enjoyable read, and a very visual one […] and some fun, playful touches” Debbie Young

“This was a very thought provoking read” Jo Lambert

“A good dystopian novel and a gripping yarn.” Koffs

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“I suggest you buckle your mental seatbelt.”  BigAl’s Books and Pals