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In addition to social media and this website, I have two ways of keeping in touch with people – PITH and a YouTube channel. Feel free to choose the one (or both) that you like the look of and subscribe. And, I really mean it when I say that if you unsubscribe I won’t be offended; I’d rather you enjoyed the content than got irritated by it.


PITH aims to be as its name suggests, the essential or necessary part and/or the bit between the shiny outside layer and the juicy inside layer – the bit you don’t think about. Some pith is tasteless and some is bitter, but generally it’s really good for you.

Emails to PITH subscribers are infrequent and fairly random, but always short and pithy.

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YouTube Channel

This is the collation of my public readings, interviews and discussions with some of the scientists and future-tech people that I’ve been collaborating with.