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The Programmable Pound

It’s always a pleasure to write for the British Science Fiction Association’s Focus magazine & it was great to receive the autumn copy today which includes my article on the (possible) programmable pound of the future.

A lot of the thinking came from the 22 Ideas About the Future project with Cybersalon, especially from David Birch, and from reading David Graeber and Mark Carney.

I hope it inspires some great sci-fi, and even some policy pondering about a programmable pound.

Looking Forward Together

A few days ago I received the Winter 2021 issue of Focus, the British Science Fiction Association’s magazine for writers. In it was my article, Looking Forward Together, about the projects I’m involved in with technologists, scientists and artists.

I thought long and hard about the title, wanting to convey that this is a multi-disciplinary endeavor. As the introduction from the editor says, “Here he explores the synergies between expertise in the science disciplines and expertise in genre fiction.”

For those of you who are members of the BSFA – I hope you enjoy reading it and that it prompts a thought or two.

Call for Submissions: Prediction, Innovation, & Futures

I am guest-editing a special issue of Vector, the critical journal of the British Science Fiction Association. We are looking for proposals from academics of all disciplines, and from industry, policy, and practice backgrounds, on the theme of speculative fiction in relation to prediction, innovation, and futures.

We seek contributions that are carefully grounded in research, while also being clear, engaging, and suitable for a broad audience (including non-academics).

Please submit proposals by 5 September 2021; articles will be due by 1 February 2022 – details can be found here.