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It’s always with a little bit of excitement and a little bit of nervousness that I approach being interviewed. But, the way James approached this and allowed us to wander as the conversation took us made it a thoroughly enjoyable experience; we meandered our way through all sorts of topics.

The great thing about the alitpassage channel is that they ‘top and tail’ the interview with a prologue, an introduction and a couple of readings…

BusinessCloud podcast

Being interviewed is an interesting experience and one I enjoy. Why? Because it makes me see my work through someone else’s eyes and I’m always intrigued to hear what it is about my writing that has sparked their interest.

Answering questions live is also fascinating and makes me think. Hard. You can hear my brain whirring in this podcast as I discuss the inspirations behind Eating Robots and Other Stories with Jonathan Symcox, the Deputy editor of BusinessCloud.