Meet the author…

On National Libraries Day at Primrose Hill Community Library, Stephen read from his debut novel Quantum Confessions, talked about the inspiration behind his work and answered questions on a variety of topics such as anarchy, being an author and the ultimate observer.

About Stephen Oram

Stephen Oram writes near-future and speculative fiction. His work has been praised by publications as diverse as The Morning Star and The Financial Times.

2 responses on “Meet the author…

  1. Duygu

    I don’t know, the usual commencement is bornig as hell, may be if the guest speaker is J.K. Rowling or Steve Jobs then it’s a different story. Unless those kids burn down a building or my car specifically otherwise I am all for it. I almost think it’s their duty to protest. I mean they are only young once, aren’t they? When they got older, most of them wouldn’t do shit like that any more.

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