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It’s always with a little bit of excitement and a little bit of nervousness that I approach being interviewed. But, the way James approached this and allowed us to wander as the conversation took us made it a thoroughly enjoyable experience; we meandered our way through all sorts of topics.

The great thing about the alitpassage channel is that they ‘top and tail’ the interview with a prologue, an introduction and a couple of readings…

The Right to ‘Opt Out’

I’ve just come across this talk that I gave at a festival back in 2015 just after Fluence had been published. I reckon it still has some pertinent post-pandemic points, especially in the Q&A.

The premise of the talk is that society has accepted capitalism and consumerism and we’re not able to opt out even if we want to.

The question posed is: “If the state created the opportunity for you to opt out, would you take it? And what if everyone did? ”

In the talk I touch on UBI, an idea that is better known now than it was back then. I also talk about guaranteed sabbaticals and a more extreme version of devolution.

I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

photo credit: Richard Ricciardi The Joy of Dancing via photopin (license)

Should democracy fragment?

Is life becoming fragmented, less rooted, more transactional?

Are we too busy? Does social media spread us too thin and nibble away the deeper moments?

Is work more invasive? Does it edge into every waking moment, whether it’s the effect of the gig economy, always being available to your employer or a constant concern about being able to earn enough?

If these things are true, then how would you feel about a democratic process as fragmented, transactional and invasive?

I give you… The Blockchain Blues from Biohacked & Begging

photo credit: milomingo darkness to light via photopin (license)