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Selected for the Best of British Science Fiction 2020

Chimy and Chris has been selected for the NewCon Press anthology – Best of British Science Fiction 2020.

Occasionally we receive an email that makes us smile all day; for me this was one of those emails.

Originally published by Orchid’s Lantern in VAST, this is one of those stories that brewed for a while and then once I started writing, it flowed really easily.

So, a big thank you to Orchid’s Lantern for publishing it in the first place and then NewCon Press and Donna Bond (editor) for choosing it as one of the best of 2020.

Image – the human brain organoid that inspired the story

Human Brain Organoids

In June this year I was invited to Oxford University by the International Neuroethics Society for a symposium on human brain organoids and other novel entities. As you can imagine it was a fascinating afternoon and another one of those moments when I felt as if science fiction could never be as strange as the real science itself.

There was talk of gastruloids, novel entities and chimeras. We discussed how to measure consciousness, the ethical valuation of moral status, developing a human brain inside an animal and that the closer we get to human brain surrogates the more pressing the ethical issues become.

You can read all about the symposium and watch some videos on the neuroethics society website.

Here’s a taster from the summary: Continue reading