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5 Minute Monologue in Tower Bridge Engine Rooms

I’m really pleased to have been selected to read at this event in aid of MIND. Tickets are limited so get in early if you fancy it.

This is the second year of A Series of 5 Minute Monologues – with excerpts of live cello – this year at the Tower Bridge engine rooms. Each year a new collection of 5 minute monologues – with live cello interludes – is performed as part of Greenwich Shorts, linked to the timing of the London Marathon. This year the pieces revolve around themes of love and resilience. Join us for the show, drinks and food (all included in your ticket price).”

John Doyle Remains

John Doyle Remains was published on 2 May in Abyss: stories of depth, time and infinity, the latest anthology from the always interesting Orchid’s Lantern.

Its opening line – “I had a girlfriend who ate my scabs.” – has caused some powerful reactions.

Orchid’s Lantern publish great work and although I haven’t read all of this anthology yet, I’m sure it’s no exception.

Here’s the blurb for Abyss: “Are we more than the sum of our memories? Does time always pass the same or can it be influenced by thought? What happens to consciousness after death? An exciting new anthology of horror, science fiction and experimental prose exploring these questions and many more.”