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Talk at the RSA Fellows Festival

You can now watch my short talk at the 2023 RSA Fellows Festival.

In Pursuit of Consensual Futures touches on using applied science fiction to widen the pool of perspectives in the debate about what we do and don’t want from our science and technology. The phrase, “Inspiration through imagination is vital,” seems to have hit a chord.

I’ve added it to my channel which is a curated list of my talks, presentations and panels.

I hope you enjoy it and get something out of it.


No, I’m not saying that Easter is a con; you really do have to stop reading everything as if it’s clickbait 😉

But seriously, I’ll be at the annual British science fiction convention over Easter and am really looking forward to giving a talk, being on panels and reading from my forthcoming collection –Extracting Humanity.

It’ll be good to catch up with a few people too and to sit and absorb all the wisdom (and humour) which is the fuel that these events run on (as well as lots of fantastic volunteers, of course).

If you’re going to be there and want to see what I’m up to then it’s listed on my events page – come and say hello. Equally, if you’re not going to be there and want to see what you’re missing then that too is on my events page.