“Extracting Humanity” in the Metaverse

As part of the PBH Free Digital Fringe at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival, “Extracting Humanity” launches in the Metaverse Spatial.

I am excited to announce the launch of my new book, “Extracting Humanity,” in the captivating metaverse of Spatial.

Join me on Tuesday, 22nd August, as I take part in the Cybersalon Cyberia @ 39 Whitfield Street Experience.

This virtual event promises to be an immersive celebration of the boundless possibilities of the Metaverse.

[for details visit https://www.pcmimmersive.co.uk/pbh-spatial-whatson.html]

I look forward to welcoming you all to this remarkable adventure in the Metaverse Spatial, where literature and digital community converge.

“Cybersalon’s Cyberia is hosting a daily remote-access program as part of PBH Digital Free Fringe, extending the renowned Edinburgh Fringe Festival into the digital realm. From 5th to 27th August, this virtual hub will showcase live performances, video podcasts from talented digital artists, and screenings of plays available on demand. It’s a treasure trove of creativity and inspiration, waiting to be explored in the spirit of fringe.

On August 8th, attendees will have the opportunity to relive memorable moments with playback from Cybersalon’s previous VR music guests, including Irina Shtreis, Simon Sargison, and Jon Horsley. Additionally, we’ll enjoy a video replay of Ben Greenaway’s captivating opening keynote, “The Metaverse and Back Again,” reflecting on Cyberia’s farewell from AltSpaceVR’s closure in March.

Particularly exciting are the evenings of August 15th and 22nd when Eva Pascoe, Cybersalon’s founder, will join us for Cyberia nostalgia and reflection on the origins of this remarkable digital social phenomenon. Together, we’ll take a journey back in time and explore the transformative impact of the virtual world on our lives.

The highlight of this experience will be on August 22nd when Cybersalon launches “Extracting Humanity” to its esteemed guests. Stephen will personally present a live reading from the book, transporting you into the world of speculative fiction where technology meets humanity in captivating ways.

As a tribute to browser Mosaic’s 30th anniversary, the 15th August experience will feature video screenings that will undoubtedly provoke engaging conversations about the future, with AI taking centre stage.

The virtual social cafe hub, Cyberia, will be open 24/7 throughout the fringe, offering a diverse program of hosted events, screenings, and resource lounge sessions. This meta-space has no geographical barriers, enabling old Cyberians from all corners of the world to meet and reminisce, united by a shared digital past.

Cybersalon in Spatial.io is a faithful reconstruction of the world’s first internet cafe, Cyberia, which opened its doors at 39 Whitfield Street in Central London in 1994. This digital venue was designed to be a multi-presence Metaverse experience, a virtual home for all Cyberians.

The fringe event will offer a diverse program, including PBH theatre trips to PBH LIVE DIGITAL shows, parallel meetups for the theatre producers’ network, “Producers Pool,” and captivating showcases featuring musicians, dancers, and artists.

For those who crave additional resources, the Cyberia Hub provides access to several resource lounge sessions open 24/7. Explore Cybersalon’s book “22 Ideas About the Future,” and our PBH Fringe Central, which offers drop-in surgeries for Equity updates and essential resource links.

To participate in this extraordinary event, simply refer to the HOWTO PDF on our website for guidance on accessing the virtual venue from your web browser, Spatial’s mobile app, or VR MetaQuest headset for an immersive experience. https://www.pcmimmersive.co.uk/pbh-spatial-whatson.html

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