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Penzance LitFest, rail strike and Land’s End

I’ve just returned from contributing to the Penzance Literary Festival, walking beside the sea and visiting Land’s End. I’d recommend the festival and the sea but not Land’s End unless you like car parks and corporate themed shops.

At the LitFest it was great to see the room brimming with keen and focussed folk – quite an achievement as a lot of them had been in the same stuffy room all day.

I really enjoyed the session; hearing intelligent and perceptive questions and the authors’ responses, including mine, helped me take stock of my own journey. And talking about journeys – the rail strike forced me to drive, which irritated me at first because I’d planned to do quite a bit of writing, but time away from a computer proved therapeutic and gave me the space to make some fundamental decisions about the next novel. So all in all a fruitful few days.

In the photo – Helen Hart from SilverWood, Lucienne Boyce, Wendy Percival, me and Jill Treseder with an audience of about forty people (only the front row had the luxury of sofas and comfy chairs).


Take a trip, with Fluence

It’s been a week since Fluence was published and it’s time to take it (and me) out on a trip.

Over the next two weeks there’ll be an online book tour, which will take in 11 stops and feature a mix of interviews and reviews, and I’ll be at the Penzance Literary Festival on 9 July to take part in a panel on publishing and the evolving world of the Indie Author.

The fortnight culminates with a London book launch in the Primrose Hill Community Library (in conjunction with Primrose Hill Books) at 7pm on 21 July – you’re very welcome to come and join us.

photo credit: harbor via photopin (license)

Fluence is published

Fluence is published today, 26 June, and available online in paperback and as an e-book from major retailers.

There’s lots of information on my website, where you can browse the first few chapters, take the Fluence Test and read the blurb.

The first review through the door is from Celia Wade-Brown, the Mayor of Wellington in New Zealand.

“Oram offers a glimpse into a Dystopian London where social media use moves from mild addiction to a visceral quest for survival, where commodification of experience and shallow responses sound warning bells for our species’ continuance. Current debate about benefits and who’s entitled to support reach bitter depths . Fluence’s mix of characters tumble today’s class system and focus on appearance into a rat race where empathy is rare and no-one knows who is friend or foe, even within their own family. A fast-paced and eerily visual read.”

So… imagine a dystopian world: where you are defined by algorithms; where corporations are in control of the government; and where your social media influence determines where you can live. Imagine the dystopian world of Fluence.