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Short stories in anthologies and magazines

“Long Live the Strawberries of Finsbury Park”
“John Doyle Remains”
“Haptic Father”
“Long Live the Strawberries of Finsbury Park”
“Chimy and Chris”
“Chimy and Chris”
“Alpha42 and the Space Hermits”
“The Mythical Moss”
“The Downward Spiral of the Disenfanchised Consumer”
“Little Modern Miracles”

Flash Fiction

Nanodust Nigel
“Retruthing the Tale”
“Be Aware, the Hand That Feeds”
“The Beast”
“Failing Fathers”
“Yours Or Mine”
“Shame Stains”
“Gathering Power”
“Keeping Family”
“The Crunch”
“Bits ‘n Bacon”
“Placodermi Protection”
“Dormant Status”
“I Want To Be Pure For Him”
“Eating Robots”

Micro fiction

“Flaunt It In Fitzrovia”
“Homo Squirrel”
“I Am Blue”
“Watching Mysteriously While Waiting Hungrily”