Part-time writing – a snapshot

I love that people ask me how it’s going, being a part-time writer. So, here’s an insight into this week’s two days of writing.

I woke up today with some new thoughts about the novel I’m writing, mulled them over and then made sure I had written them down before being awake crashed in. Then, as I was pondering the next CyberSalon event that I’m co-hosting and writing a piece of flash fiction for on the future of money, I came across an event on quantum computing and crypto, and helpfully it’s on a Thursday so I can attend.

Later this morning I’m meeting someone from Central Saint Martins to talk about contributing to their innovation magazine, followed by a telephone call with a professor in Germany about my part in a workshop on healthcare and robotics.

And, then for the rest of the day and tomorrow it’s back to the novel to begin writing the middle section, having completed the second draft of the first third.

How’s it going? Very well thank you.

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